Welcome to the website of SustainabiliTEA.

First of all thank you for visiting the SustainabiliTEA website, here you will get an impression of how the herb tea SustainabilTEA produces can be a wonderful tea-drinking experience for you and your friends!

SustainabiliTEA is a Pilot project created by 6 students from Larenstein ,University of Applied science, who came up with the idea to anticipate on the growing market of herbal teas.

By managing all links in cultivating, processing and retailing, SustainabiliTEA strives to produce herb teas that are free from pesticides and are local produced in the region of Gelderland.

If you are interested in buying one of SustainabiliTEA's offered herb teas, simply send an email to: sustainabilitea@yahoo.com

For more information concerning SustainabiliTEA check out the chapters in the right top corner,or simply send an email.

Enjoy to discover our website and our SustainabiliTEA.


The members of SustainabiliTEA

Business Fair

On the 12th of June we will present our SustainabiliTEA on the business fair of Larenstein, on the ground floor of the Forum building.    

( Photo source:Larenstein)                     

The Business fair will start around 12:00 (exact time follows soon) and all the other groups as well will present their business ideas.                                                                         

This day you can expect a lot from the SustainabiliTEA stand with a lot of interesting activities from the SustainabiliTEA stand (more information will follow soon).

It will promise to be a interesting day where at the end of the day a prize will be awarded for "Best Idea" and "most sustainable business".

Hopefully see you there.

12 June: Debate on C2C in developing countries (together with OtherWise)

Another interesting activity besides The Business fair is this very interesting discussion regarding the issue if the cradle to cradle2cradle concept (for more info click on the link) will work in development countries and what will be the influence of it?

SustainabiliTEA will also be present, so come and participate in this interesting discussion.

Currently, the concept of Cradle to Cradle (a vision on sustainability) is gaining popularity in many western European countries and the United States. What about developing countries? Will C2C also expand into these less developed countries? What will be the impact of C2C practices on developing countries?

OtherWise and RUW organise a panel discussion on the possibilities of C2C in developing countries. The panel consists of Arthur Mol (Environmental Policy Group), Elizard de Vries (Managment Studies), Maja Slingerland (Plant Production Systems Group) and Li Min (student WUR, topic: sustainable tea production in China).  This will be a very interesting evening for people interested in sustainable development and entrepreneurship in developing countries.  

Join our discussion on possibilities for Cradle-to-Cradle in developing countries!  

Starts at 20.00h at LA13. Entrance free. Language: English. Drinks afterwards!

SustainabiliTEA goes national with a resource article!